Our Story

Ngā Kōrero


The indigenous people of New Zealand, the Māori, have a significant bond with the earth and sky. For many generations, the connection to Papatuānuku (the Earth Mother) was an essential way of life. The connection ensured Māori good health and prosperity.

Traditionally, the Māori harvested Pikopiko, Kawakawa and Horopito as a source of medicine and food. Many generations later, Māori have been drawn to revitalise the traditions and their connection to the land. Rotorua is the home to KINAKI™, a kāinga (home) for the revitalisation of traditional food harvesting.

In 2001, Charles and Tania Royal established KINAKI™ New Zealand with the vision of revitalising traditional Māori herbs and food. After several years of testing and research Charles and Tania have refined the process of tea and herb creation to bring you the best of New Zealand's native herbs. Many years have passed since those very humble beginnings. Today, KINAKI™ distributes products all over the world for culinary and home use alike.

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Charles P.T Royal 

CEO of Kinaki New Zealand


Every KINAKI™ product is traceable to its source - from the forest to your home. We work closely with harvesters to positively identify raw product is of the highest quality. KINAKI™ also ensures the harvesting environment is left intact to allow for a effective rejuvenation. Our processing system consists of several stages to creating a perfect product for your culinary delights. 

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Our foremost priority is to protect the environment where the herbs are sourced. Our sources are natural living ecosystems, therefore we are committed to safeguarding the regrowth of the leaves by limiting the amount we harvest from each plant. We are passionate about aiding the natural revitalisation of crops and plants. In order to offer the purest natural health products from source to kitchen.


​Our products are proudly New Zealand made with sustainable practices being the key priority. It is an essential element to our identity and mostly importantly, preservation for future generations. Sustainability for KINAKI™ is a reflection of how we function as a company, taking great care in harvesting techniques, our steps in processing raw product, including packaging, is at the highest standard. KINAKI™ likes to maintain the New Zealand image clean green image that we hold globally.


Kinaki assures products are 100% natural and sourced from safe undisturbed natural ecosystems. We are dedicated to ensuring that KINAKI™ maintains a natural New Zealand image.